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  • <b>Patents</b>

    ★ Prior Art Search, Analysis and Opinions
    ★ Application Documents Drafting
    ★ Prosecution, Reexamination and Invalidation
    ★ Administrative Litigation
    ★ PCT Application Documents Drafting, International Preliminary Examination and Other Matters during International Stage
    ★ Foreign Filings (including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau) and Relevant Matters
    ★ Stability/Validity Opinions
    ★ Renewals and Time Limits Monitoring
    ★ Assignment and License
    ★ Customs Registration and Protection

  • Trademarks

    ★ Search and Optimizing Registration Strategy
    ★ Registration, Assignment, License, Change and Renewal
    ★ Reexamination, Opposition and Invalidation
    ★ Litigation
    ★ Trademark Protection Strategy
    ★ Well-known Trademarks Application
    ★ Monitoring Trademark Infringement
    ★ Customs Registration and Protection

  • Copyrights

    ★ Registration, Assignment, License, Litigation and Customs Protection of Copyrights and Computer Software

  • IPR Protection
    IPR Protection

    ★ Infringement Opinions
    ★ Infringement Investigation and Evidence Collection
    ★ Administrative Law Enforcement
    ★ Infringement Litigation

  • Others

    ★ IPR Training
    ★ IPR Documents Translation
    ★ Enterprise IPR Management Opinions
    ★ Integrated Circuit Layout Design Registration
    ★ Internet Domain Names Protection
    ★ Unfair Competition and Trade Secrets Protection Opinions and Litigation

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